Microcap Reporting provides a fully automated alternative platform to companies classified as alternative-reporting-standard companies to publish current information. Microcap Reporting offers designations of Rule 15c2-11 Compliant and Rule 15c2-11 Non-compliant as alternatives to the “dark”, “stop”, “yield” and “current information” designations assigned to alternative-reporting-standard companies. A subscription to Microcap Reporting offers:

  • No application fee.
  • A quarterly $500 fee paid at the time of upload of each annual and quarterly report/information statement.
  • The initial subscription allows upload of information covering the two most recent fiscal years and quarterly information to date.
  • No legal opinion.
  • No audit of financial statements (but statement presentation must comply with GAAP and include notes).
  • No stock issuance history.
  • No publication of articles of incorporation and bylaws.
  • Flexible disclosure statement format.
  • Use Microcap Reporting’s Current Information Template, SEC Form’s 10-K or 10-Q, or OTCMarkets’ Current Information Disclosure Statement.
  • Full automated publication based on your self-certification of Rule 15c2-11 Compliance.
  • Easy access during the quarter to update your company’s summary information page.

Become Rule 15c2-11 Compliant today. Upload disclosure statements now.