About Microcap Reporting

Microcap Reporting provides a publicly available space for publicly traded companies who do not file, either voluntarily or mandatorily, reports with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to publish annual and quarterly information intended to satisfy Rule 15c2-11. In other words, companies who publish information on the Microcap Reporting platform will be deemed to be Rule 15c2-11 Compliant. Brokers will be able to publish quotations, clearing firms will accept shares for deposit and process trades and investors will be able to make informed investment decisions. Compliance of published information with the requirements of Rule 15c2-11 is self-certified by the publishing company and then evaluated by users of the published reports and information, such as brokers, clearing firms and investors, who will determine for themselves in each case whether the reports and information satisfies their requirements to publish quotations or to make investment decisions.

Issuers who have current information published on Microcap Reporting are designated with a . Issuers who have published information on Microcap Reporting, but who do not have current reports and information are designated with a .Microcap Reporting does not provide any reports and information about companies who do not subscribe to this service.

Publishing issuers may elect to use any recognized disclosure format for published reports and information, including the information statement promoted by OTCMarkets or the SEC reporting Forms 10-K and 10-Q. All of these available disclosure formats include information which exceeds the basic requirements of Rule 15c2-11 Compliance. Microcap Reporting encourages publishing companies to include all material information about themselves in reasonable detail, presented in Plain English. Material information includes all information that a reasonable person would deem to be of importance when making an informed investment decision.

Microcap Reporting does not review and is not responsible for the published reports and information, A legal opinion is not required - users determine sufficiency for their purposes. Audit of financial statements is not required. Prior to uploading information for a quarterly or annual report, the publishing issuer is required to self-certify that the reports and information to be published includes all the information required by the Rule, and in the case of financial statements, compliance with GAAP and the qualifications of the preparer.

Microcap Reporting is not a trading platform. Nor does it provide all information about a publishing company that may be available from other online sources. Investors, in particular, are encouraged to review all available information before making an investment decision.